Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blink, Bling, Money, Honey!

Her face is fair, her person pleasing, her temper amiable, and her heart kind; she is delighted in relieving the wants of her fellow creatures, and cultivate that divine pleasure by the most liberal and unpretending methods; to the poor she is a benefactor; to the rich an example; to the wretched a comforter; to the prosperous an ornament.
For me just Viv.
Stupid hardheaded woman. Stupid for being masochist, and loving people unwilling to be loved. Watch me in the eyes dear. You diserve more, than you are fighting for. You've shown me I can trust  you and you trust me. Thank you for being one of the best. Thank you friend.

Pretty little bitch, I love you!



  1. que ojazos ! :)
    te sigooo

  2. bua me encanta tu blog que fotazas te haces!:O! te sigo sin duda! pasate por el mio aber si te gusta:)
    besitos guapa!!

  3. gracias a las dos :)
    me pasare por el vuestro!