Friday, February 11, 2011


What's life? ...and then is when I state the typical methaphore: Life is a road.
I don't think this is true, life's not a road, it's a highway. There are so many paths and ways to chose to go to, it wouldn't be fair if I compared that to a insignificant street.
Your life changes with every decision you make, weather you turn right or left, things will be different one from the other...
And it's sad to say, but as every highway, life has it's END.
So don't be silly, have fun during the way, be happy and enjoy every moment of your journey, because that is why we are on this Earth. To use our time to do whatever it makes us feel complete and alive.
Do it, and do it quickly. This highway is too short. 



  1. ola.
    me encanta tu blog, te sigo.
    sigeme si te gusta mi blog.
    muaks k)

  2. Aiiiiiiiiii me encantan todas, todas, TODAS las fotos que pones ♥
    Y la letra Ö
    Definitivamente, me encanta este blog!
    Te espero por el mio! un beso!

  3. Thanks you two!
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